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Fun with Spanish Camp for Kids

Fun with Spanish Camp for Kids

Summer Spanish Camp for boys & girls from 4 to 10 years old, the camp consists of Activities, Arts & Crafts, simple lessons all used as an introduction to learning a 2nd language.

Our 'Fun with Spanish Camps' for kids offers a safe, friendly and active environment for children from the ages of four to ten to discover that learning a second language can be fun, interesting as well as beneficial and possibly giving them a skill for life.

We will run this camp for one week as outlined here:

  • Start date: Monday 12th July 2021
  • End date: Friday 16th July 2021
  • Start time: 11:00 am daily.
  • Finish time: 1:00 pm daily.
  • Location: K Leisure, Station Road.
  • Cost: €85.00 per child discounted to €80.00 for siblings & or existing Leir Language Academy students.
  • Places are limited

The camp is based upon the following concepts:

  • Create the opportunity to learn and practice Spanish in a friendly and fun way.
  • Engage the learning with dynamic and creative lessons that are fun. Interactive and challenging.
  • Focus on listening and speaking skills through games, arts and crafts and music.

Leir Education Spanish Summer Camp 2021

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