Posted 03/12/2015

Kildare Sports Partnership

Developing sport and recreation at local level

In 2000 the Irish Sports Council proposed to establish a nationwide network of Local Sports Partnerships to create a national structure to co-ordinate and promote the development of sport at local level. As a result of this the Kildare Sports Partnership was established in 2001.

There is now a network of 33 Local Sports Partnerships around Ireland


The Kildare Sports Partnership aims to 

  • Increase opportunities for children to participate in sport and physical recreation.
  • Get higher levels of participation in physical recreation by low participation groups.
  • Increase Participation in Physical Activity by People with a Disability, Women and Girls, Youth, and Disadvantaged groups.
  • Enhance sport and club development, education and service.
  • Prioritise local facilities provision and upgrading and better use and management of facilities.
  • Obtain easier access to information regarding the provision of sport and recreation.
  • Improve the collaboration between the key agencies and make better use of resources.



The three main functions of Kildare Sports Partnership are: 

  • Information: Provide information on sport and physical activity.
  • Education: Support quality opportunities for education and training at local level.
  • Implementation: Implement a locally developed Strategic Plan which will include the implementation of national programme at local level.

Strategic Plan


In April 2012 the Kildare Sports Partnership launched its Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

More information can be found on the Kildare Sports Partnership website