May 06, 2011

Lecture and Simultaneous Display


 Short Video Chess Simul :-

The Curragh Chess Club welcomed Jonathan O'Connor, chairman of the Irish Chess Union to the club on Thursday night where he gave a talk on chess tactics and played in an entertaining simultaneous exhibition game.

Jonathan played nine games and scored an impressive 100% score. First to fall were Dermot Earls and Noel Lynch followed by Tim Hinchey and Niall O'Shea. Hugues Hammouma put up the biggest resistance but ultimately collapsed to Jonathan's better tactical play. The youngest player of the night Padraig Hughes was one of the last to fall putting in a good performance while Aiden O'Connor missed some opportunities to draw and even win the game when he was one of the last men standing.

Jonathan also presented Noel Lynch with the Billy O'Connor perpetual trophy for winning the Club Championship 2011.





For the record, here's the full score for the night:-

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Franco Rivera

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Tim Hinchey

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Hugues Hammouma

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Niall O'Shea

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Dermot Earls

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Noel Lynch

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Padraig Hughes

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Martin Brehhov

Jonathan O'Connor 1-0 Aidan O'Connor


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