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Riverbank Arts Centre

Riverbank MonumentRiverbank is Kildare County Council's Cultural Campus, built to provide better library and arts facilities for the people of County Kildare and to mark the turning of the Millennium.

The centre is designed, above all else, to be used by the people of the county. The hope is that the people of County Kildare will regard it as the natural home for their artistic work and development and especially as a place where they can enjoy themselves. The centre has an extensive library and heritage facilities which are open for full use by the public.

The Riverbank Arts Centre

The Riverbank Arts Centre stands poised to have a dramatic impact on the cultural life of the community by acting as the heart of arts provision in County Kildare. In its role as an arts advocate and promoter, the centre will use its professional facilities to provide a venue for performances, exhibitions and events, while using its professional staff to facilitate collaboration and creative parnerships between arts organisations, the community and other public service providers.

History and Family Research Centre

The centre will be used to foster a wider appreciation of kildare's historical, archaeological and cultural heritge and to encourage a sense or responsibility for the care of Kildare's heritage and environment.

A professional research service is provided to members of the public both at home and abroad - often the first connection that many people make with Ireland.

Local Studies Department

Kildare is rich in local history, tradition and culture, which must be preserved and made accessible for today and for future generations. The History & Familly Research centre offers everybody the chance to preserve and examine the past within a professional environment.


Kildare County Council is developing a County Archive Service based at the History & Familly Research Centre in Newbridge. Aspecially adapted storage facility has now been assigned for archives at Newbridge.

The Opening of Riverbank

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