Oliver Murray Exhibition: Universes of Colour

All are welcome to the launch of Oliver Murray's "Universes of Colour" Exhibition 0n Thurs Feb 28 @ 7.30pm

Leixlip LibraryLeixlip

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  • Thu 28 Feb - Fri 14 Mar  2008

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    Leixlip Library

    Captain's Hill

Internationally acclaimed artist Oliver Murray will hold an exhibition entitled “Universes of Colour” in the Gallery Space in Leixlip Community Library, Captain’s Hill from Thursday 28th February until Friday 14th March 2008. The exhibition is open to all members of the public during library opening hours. The exhibition will be officially launched at 7.30 pm on Thursday 28th.

Everyone is welcome to come along and to feast their eyes on Murray’s Universes of Colour. You probably have never seen colours like these before: sublime blues and purples, fiery reds and oranges; fabulous yellows and greens; indescribable colour, as if Murray works from a hidden spectrum of colour that he himself has discovered or imagined. There is no doubt that as an artist Oliver Murray has discovered new Universes of Colour which have yielded a new and unique artistic vision.


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