Photography Exhibition: No Signal

An exhibiton of photography by Eliza Papaioannou, originally from Greece. The exhibition will be officially launched at 7pm on 21st February.

Naas Community LibraryNaas

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  • Tue 19 Feb - Sat 1 Mar  2008

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    Naas Community Library

    The Harbour

"This is my first Irish exhibition. I am originally from the rocky dry terrain of Greece, working the last ten years on my photographic career. Stemming away from commercial and formal photography concentrating my efforts on fine art photography.

While being attracted to the more traditional side in the field but bearing no fruits as this area is saturated by traditional brilliants through photographic history, therefore I was drawn into a more abstracted slant within photography, keeping in mind the traditional techniques while not devouring the computer. By my style been more abstract, the theme arouse many issues. I was driven to capture a more expressive approach to the moment. Achieving this by the way of discovery, from being from a touristic country, I couldn’t capture a traditional Greek scene, I wanted my photographs to be connected to every country and every person; whether I achieved it or not I feel that the subject to be a universal one.

By hitting the road, the image I wanted to capture I wanted to find through seeking rather than setting up the progressive shot. To quote from Picasso
'See and you shall find'."
Eliza Papaioannou

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