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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Arts Education

Information on Arts Education in Co. Kildare



For resources for teachers and pupils in primary arts education see


For resources for teachers and pupils in second level arts education, see

Third Level

NUI Maynooth offer a range of courses for those with creative skills such as Music Technology and Product Design. Click here for a list of all courses offered in Maynooth on the Maynooth NUI website.

There a range of third level courses in art offered outside Co. Kildare. For an extensive list of third level courses in Ireland see the Education Ireland website.

For a list of Art Education Institutions in Ireland see the Visual Artists Ireland website.

VTOS Courses in the Arts

VTOS is the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme which offers unemployed people an opportunity of returning to structured learning in an adult setting. Visit the VTOS website.

VTOS Athy offers courses in Art/Craft/Design. For more information visit,

VTOS Newbridge offers courses in Art/Craft/Design and The Performing Arts. For more inormation go to

VTOS Leixlip offers courses in Graphic Design. Information on this course is posted the Qualifax website.


Arts in Education Statement from Making Inroads, An Arts Development Plan for Kildare County Council 2006-2011


The Arts in Education programme provided by Kildare County Council prioritises interaction with parents and children in libraries and primary schools in the County. The diverse schools programme has included residency programmes e.g Writers in Residence; commissioning new work e.g. a play for children, devised by Crooked House Theatre Company; performance opportunities e.g. Tzipora Children’s Music Festival; competitions e.g CD Lewis Literary Awards. The programme has been receptive to curricular implementation and change.
Kildare County Council will continue to examine ways of enhance and supplement - but not replace - Arts Education provision in schools through challenging Arts In Education initiatives.

Guiding Policy
Kildare County Council will continue its support for quality Arts in Education in formal and informal education settings, including libraries

Exploring and broadening definitions of the arts

  • Extend the Arts Service development programme to include research and projects around Creative Spaces for Play
  • Consolidate Kildare County Council’s role as advisor, advocate in relation to Arts in Education
  • Re affirm and clarify definitions of ‘Arts in Education’ as distinct from ‘Arts Education’.
  • Ensure that artists working in educational contexts are familiar with the ‘language’ of the sector, i.e. Primary School Curriculum


Redefining ways of working

  • Appoint a Play Specialist in Residence in libraries
  • Kildare County Council will carry out an internal audit; and define and categorise education programmes or other services provided to schools.
  • The Arts Service will establish an in-house committee to assist the procurement, commissioning, management and implementation of Per Cent for Art scheme
  • Continue to monitor, evaluate and rework the annual ‘If I Had an Artist for a Day ... ‘ scheme


Documenting the arts

  • Commit to recording and disseminating information about Creative Spaces for Play initiative
  • With key artists, produce and publish quality information relating to ongoing Arts in Education programmes.


Promoting best practice

  • Continue to advise schools on best practice, with reference to the Arts Council Arts in Education Guidelines to schools.
  • Encourage the endorsement of the Kildare Education Centre for quality Arts in Education schemes provided by Kildare County Council
  • With the Schools Library Service, continue to advocate and promote the ongoing Threading Tales initiatives
  • Continue to source suitable artists and to provide quality Arts in Education programmes to schools
  • Complete and implement a Childcare Protection Policy


Commissioning new work

  • Evaluate and re-in vision the Arts Act Grant Scheme, with consideration for the commissioning of new work
  • Encourage schools to avail of the Per Cent for Art and other funding opportunities
  • Within the ‘If I Had an Artist for a Day …’ scheme, consider the commissioning of new plays for children.


Capacity building in the arts

  • Continue to provide information, advise and training opportunities for teachers in relation to Arts in Education.
  • Continue to provide information, advise and training opportunities for artists working in educational settings.
  • Building on the Music Outreach programme, develop an Instrument Purchase scheme in primary schools


Development of arts infrastructure

  • With the establishment of a steering committee for Arts in Education, consider new ways of supporting Arts in Education


Contact details

Kildare County Council Arts Service, Riverbank, Main Street, Newbridge, Co Kildare
Lucina Russell, Kildare County Arts Officer
Tel: 00 353 (0) 45 448318, E

Brenda Brady, Assistant County Arts Officer
Tel: 00 353 (0) 45 448328;

Fax: 00 353 (0)45 432490