Carrie Haskins

Posted 29/09/2017

The new 10 track album 'Last Rites' by Carrie Haskins was released on the 27th September 2017, with a debut music video that was filmed in the historic 'Wicklow Gaol'. 


Carrie chose the Wicklow Gaol as perfect location to shoot the video for 'Last Rites', which tells the story of a prisoner who must face his demons as he awaits the death penalty for his crimes and sins he has committed in his life.

Carrie Haskins has 'listened to and been inspired by country music' since she was a child.

While her style is rooted in an 'honest blend' of American Country and Pop, her palette of influences range from Brad Paisley to Tammy Wynette. Carrie 'emits a beautiful and emotionally real sound that wins over many listeners'.

In 2011, Carrie received major accolades and recognition appearing on and reaching the battle stages of "The Voice", Ireland. Her chair-turning "Blind Audition" with the show can be viewed here: 

Carrie has studied music for a total of six years. Commencing her musical education at the Ballyfermot College of Further Education, her studies continued at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) Dublin, where she completed the song writing stream graduating in 2015 with a B.A Honours Degree in Commercial Modern Music.

Celebrating the release of her Debut EP 'Country Spirit' in 2014, Carrie's records can be described as a mix of upbeat and more relaxed ballads.
Musical gems like "The Letter Goodbye" (released as a single and video), "Country Spirit", "Don’t Wanna Dance", "Mine" and "Revenge" make for a captivating and rapturing listen.

Her arrangement of lush instrumentation intertwined with rich vocal lines and harmonies from her opening track 'Country Spirit' right through to the closing track 'Revenge' transport you (the listener) through a journey of emotional highs and lows, lyrically, melodically and instrumentally.

In 2012, Carrie donated her song, "Mine" to the Jack & Jill Children's Foundation as the backing track for Jonathan Irwin's story about his son Jack .  This video reached over one million people during the first week after its release. It helped raise 20,000 euro which Jonathon Irwin said he was 'both stunned and grateful for all the shares, likes and donations' generated by this 3 minute video which was made in 2012 and re-released.  Jonathon tells his son Jack's story using prompt cards against the soundtrack of Carrie's song 'Mine'. The song was used again this year for the 2nd time. This great story can be viewed here:

In November 2016, Carrie and her writing partner travelled to Nashville where they spent a period of two weeks showcasing, co-writing and performing in a number of popular venues throughout the music city. In Nashville, she worked with two - time Grammy nominate songwriter 'Jan Buckingham' and recording artist 'Shelby Lee Lowe'. Following this inspirational trip, Carrie returned home and began working on her album where she recorded a compilation of songs that were written in Nashville with various Artists.

The album can be streamed or purchased on all major streaming sites such as itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Bandcamp and the video can be viewed on the sites below.

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