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Visual Arts

An Archive Page Stamp

As a response to the centenary of local government, Kildare County Council will host an exhibition with a difference in County Hall in late February 1999 by artist Gerry Polland.
Using images from national, international and local government sources, this exhibition will involve work from Russborough House, The House of the Lords, The National Library, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Kildare County Council.

The exhibition will run from February - September 1999.

"A necessary part of the open society," as Popper urged, "is the possibility for those affected by legislation, to respond to that legislation and to express the effects of that legislature." Gerry Pollard

The objective of the exhibition is to produce a record of Traveller culture and stories in the South Kildare area, for both the settled and Traveller community.

The exhibition consists of six panels of pictures and written stories, a display on accommodation including a reconstruction of a typical Traveller tent, a craft display and tape on the exhibition.

Action South Kildare and Kildare County Council are pleased to be associated with this important exhibition.





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