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Kildare County Council Arts Service

NUI, Maynooth Certificate in Community Arts for Community Development


In association with Kildare County Council


In 2003/4 and 2004/5, Kildare County Council co-ordinated two accredited Certificate In Community Arts for Community Development courses, NUI Maynooth, in the Education Centre, Kildare Town and Riverbank Arts Centre. Through this course, the needs of artists working in a community context were explored

The one-year part-time courses, devised by the Adult and Community Education Department, NUI, Maynooth attracted over 50 artists, arts facilitators and community workers from all over Ireland. 

The Theatre of the Oppressed repertory, developed by Brazilian director, popular educator and Workers Party activist Augusto Boal was a key element of the course.  Based on the feedback from participants on the courses, Julian Boal translator, filmmaker, and Theatre of the Oppressed trainer facilitate TOTO introductory workshops in Kildare, in November 2006.

While there are no short-term plans to run another course, Kildare County Council may do so in the future.  NUI, Maynooth continue to run the Certificate In Community Arts for Community Development course in other locations.

Please see the course outline below


This certificate level course aims to raise awareness on creative ways of working with groups to promote person and local development.

Course Aims
· To introduce and explore creativity and community arts in personal and community development.
· Train participants in creative methods of groupwork
· Introduce participants to using arts in community contexts

Course Objectives
· To demonstrate a range of practical, participatory art methods (eg drama, dance, creative writing, weaving etc)
· To deepen participants’ own resources and skills (specifically their creative resources; their analytical and reflection abilities; their research skills; and their learning abilities)
· To train participants to use a broad range of creative groupwork methods (from using games and exercises to applying evaluation methods)
· To introduce participants to the basic principles of community development
· To introduce participants to the theories, traditions and issues associated with participatory arts.

· Communication skills and personal development  
· Return to learning and study skills
· Introduction to theories and models of community development
· Introduction to theories, traditions and issues of arts-in-contexts
· Adult learning styles
· Introduction to Groupwork and Facilitation skills
· Creativity skills training

Admission Requirements
· Participants must be 23 years or over
· Participants must be community activists and preferably be working with groups in a facilitation or leadership role.  It is not necessary for participants to be artists but a lively interest in community arts and creativity is desirable.
· Have the capacity to complete a course at NUI Certificate level

Assessment Requirements
85% minimum attendance    
Learning Journal (and written reflection based on the journal)   
Portfolio (collection of work created during course)
Individual presentation to the group (10 minutes)
Collective presentation to the group (20 minutes)

Course Duration
100 hours part-time over 1 year.  The course will take place over a series of weekends over the academic year, commencing in September 2005.

€ 850, including €60 booking deposit

The course will take place in the Kildare Education centre in Kildare town, accessible by public transport.

The main tutor for this course is Peter Hussey, MA H. Dip Adult & Community Ed.  Peter is Artistic Director of Crooked House Theatre Company and is a part-time lecturer with the Dept of Adult and Community Education in Maynooth.

Course Organizer
Lucina Russell, Kildare County Arts Officer, Riverbank, Main Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Tel: 045-448318 / 448328   E mail:

Informal inquiries about the course are welcome.