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Kildare County Council Arts Service



The Temporary Foray series marks a turning in the Arts Service provision for Kildare County Council.  At the outset, Temporary Foray was a series of formal presentations, providing opportunities for artists and the wider public to reflect on and question the work, ideas, and rationale of significant international artists and arts administrators. 

Presentations by Kirsten Lavers, operating a Gallery from a taxi in her front garden and by Diego Gutteriez, connecting with artists around the world; via hand written questions, film and music; threw on its head traditional notions of ‘The work that we do, Where we do it, How we do it’.   

The series attracted a number of artists returning to the County, leaving behind larger towns and cities, where opportunities to meet other artists, attend arts events, presentations and lectures are almost taken for granted and where the potential of the physical infrastructure provides more scope for artists needs. 

The series created an expectation from these artists and affirms a challenge for Kildare County Council - How to further engage with artists in a meaningful way ?  How to build on the existing arts infrastructure, physical and otherwise in the county?  In a Commuter Belt County like Kildare, but in the midst of a technological revolution, how to create connections both local and global ?

The Autumn 2007 Artists Symposium will deepen the Temporary Foray work, to allow artists to move into a ‘making’ phase of the process, while gathering information for further critical debate programmes.  

The Arts Development Plan for Kildare County Council 2006-2011, due to be published in the autumn, commits to ‘Redefining Ways of Working’.   The outcomes of the Temporary Foray series will impact on this work - the potential of which is yet to be explored. 

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