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Kildare County Council Arts Service

Per Cent For Art Scheme

 The principles of the Per Cent for Art scheme were initially established by the OPW in 1978.  public-art.jpg The Department of the Environment further developed a similar scheme, the Artistic Embellishment Scheme in 1986. 

In 1994 a decision to review both schemes led to the publishing of the Public Art Research Project - Steering Group Report to Government (PART Report).  On the basis of the PART Report recommendations, the Government approved in 1997 the revision and extension of the existing Schemes to all Government Departments with construction budgets. 

Since then an Inter-Departmental Public Art Coordination Group drafted the current set of guidelines assisted by a Panel of Art Expert Advisors.  This drew on the expertise and management of the Arts Council who on behalf of the Inter-Departmental Public Art Coordination Group hosted a series of Public Art Consultative Meetings in Cork and Dublin inviting members of the arts community - practicing artists, curators, commissioning agents and project managers involved in public art in Ireland to respond to the draft guidelines for the PCFA Scheme. 

While the Scheme has been implemented in varying degrees by Government Departments and public bodies, there has in more recent times being a more concerted effort amongst some local authorities to capitalise on this underused resource. 

The PCFA Scheme allows for the provision of 1% per project (up to a ceiling of €64,000) from capital construction budgets to be spent on a public art project. 

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