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Know Your Locality Kildare April 2021 a FREE online course

Kildare Youth Services is now in sync Youth and Family Services.

Thursday 4th March 2021

The Winners of the recent competition for St Brigid's Day has been announced by Into Kildare.

Bring some of Kildare's top chefs right into your kitchen this season!

Celebrating a remarkable 55 years on the road, Kildare Resident Rob Strong launches his biography.

Rob's son Andrew Strong, star of The Commitments, also lives in Kildare

Thursday 3rd December 2020

"Not All Disabilities Are Visible"

Kildare PPN Climate Action Event aims to highlight all the different ways to get involved and to feel positive about our contribution to change.

Kildare County Council Healthy Ireland programme 2020 is providing a range of resources and programmes to support local wellbeing to support our citizens to get through the COVID19 crisis

Come on...give our creativity 'competition' a go!! It's a competition that won't be judged, but everyone who enters will be put in a draw for some fabulous prizes from local businesses'!
Showing 1 - 10 of 1333