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What's the difference between history and heritage?

What areas does MHS cover? 

How do I contact the society?

Does the society have a museum or library?

Is this link broken?

Why is this information blatantly wrong?

Does MHS offer a genealogical service?


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What is the difference between history and heritage?
History can be thought of as a series of events that happened in the past. For example: If you got out of bed this morning that is a historical event. So history records facts and events in the past.
Heritage has a much wider definition. Heritage is anything we inherit from the past.
There are many different types of heritage for example Cultural Heritage is the entire spirit of a people in terms of itís values action, works, institutions, monuments and sites. Language, Festive events, Oral traditions, Music and song can all be classed as heritage. For more information visit: The UNESCO List

What areas does MHS cover?

Rather than a geographical area MHS covers any subject of historical interest to Monasterevin. We have amateurs and experts interested in subjects as diverse as military history and sporting history. In short we welcome anyone who is passionate about the past.

How do I contact the Society?

To get in touch with the Society simply email us at: monhistsoc@eircom.net or drop into one of our meetings. Also see the Contact Us page by clicking here.

Does the Society have a museum or library?

At the moment we have no facility for a permanent museum. However we do mount short-term displays and exhibitions during the summer period see What's new page for details.
The Society does not have a physical library of it own material. However copies of our published articles and pamphlets are available from the local library in Monasterevin or in electronic form from this site.

Is this Link Broken?

If you find a broken link or you want to report something so it gets fixed, contact the Webmaster.

Why is this information blatantly wrong?

Errors and omissions are to be expected. But if you spot one, or several then get in touch with the society.
Also the Society knows there are many versions of history. We try to base the information we publish on the best primary and secondary sources we can find. Once we gather the information we add a dose of common sense from which we distil the most likely facts.
If we offer an opinion or a piece of evidence that we're unsure of we will endeavor to make that clear.

If you still feel we've gotten it wrong there's only one thing to do:


Do you offer a Genealogy Service?

No we do not. Unfortunately this is beyond our resources. However Kildare is well served by services such as: The Kildare Heritage & Genealogy Co. Ltd. Who can be found here.
We will of course be happy to help you with any specific queries.

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