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Local Studies Department

WORLD WAR I: Co. Kildare and The First World War

Kildare Collections and Research Services, incorporates the three related departments of Local Studies, Genealogy and Archives within Kildare Library and Arts Services. Part of its remit has become the publication of primary and secondary material on the Internet (details and resources at to encourage people to engage in local history and genealogy as well as increasing accessibility to the fabulous Irish, Local and Archival collections in Kildare County Library. It is hoped that material such as this will prove to be an invaluable resource for local historians, researchers, third level students, school children and anyone interested in the rich and varied history of the County of Kildare. Certainly it will add to the range of material currently available online as part of the Library commitment to making resources, available and accessible via its enormously successful Ehistory site (which has a category specifically designed for secondary students to meet the changes in the School History Curriculum and create a successful project ) and also its page of Online Resources and Research Aids

To add to the material already on the Library website relating to the 1798 Rebellion, The Great Famine etc. we are now pleased to upload research material relating to World War I and Co. Kildare, mostly gleaned from the local newspapers, The Leinster Leader and The Kildare Observer and sources in the National Library of Ireland.

And yet we must make it clear from the outset that this work relating to WWI and Co. Kildare is not an actual Kildare Library and Arts Services project. This work was the result of research by the FÁS/Leinster Leader Project (now ended) but the hardcopy of the research was sitting on the library shelves and the enormous amount of work and research was known to very few people and thus virtually inaccessible. It was intended to be published as a book and was the result of work by Susan Kelly, Anna-Maria Heskin and the late Mary Carroll and we acknowledge their efforts and contribution in bringing this resource to fruition and making it available to us all. Below we include the original acknowledgments which explain how it was created and who was involved.

From a Library perspective this ‘publication’ on the internet could not have been completed without the support of Co. Librarian Breda Gleeson, Senior Executive Librarians, Marian Higgins and Eimear McGinn and Genealogist Karel Kiely. Likewise it could not have been completed without the aid of Rose Sheridan, Branch Librarian and James Durney, local historian and author.

But without doubt this resource would never have made it to this stage without Dee O’Brien and indeed her patient husband Gary. Dee actually volunteered to re-type the whole project on her own time and without any motives of profit or gain. I wish there were others like her that we might continue to add material in this fashion. My sincerest thanks to Dee.

Mario Corrigan
Executive Librarian
Kildare Collections and Research Services

Oct. 2008


This book was undertaken by the Leinster Leader Project, Naas and Athy 1993 -1995. The project began to gather the list which is in the back of this book, together with a list of articles relating to the war in the Leinster Leader and Kildare Observer. It soon became clear that information existed for the publication of a comprehensive book on County Kildare and the Great War. Susan Kelly, on being appointed Assistant Co-ordinator of the Athy Leinster Leader Project in 1995, began the painstaking task of piecing together information already gathered by her predecessors and also continued her own comprehensive research and this book began to emerge.

Thanks are expressed to many who have taken part, over the years, in very detailed research on this publication. Ann-Marie Heskin and the many trainees in the projects who have had a hand in transcribing many of the articles quoted in the following pages. Edel Kelly and Liam Kenny have provided invaluable services in their editing capabilities. Contributions made by Frank Taaffe are also much appreciated.

Many thanks are also expressed to The National Library, National Archives, Gilbert Library, the staff of the Athy Library and Curragh Camp Library, Naas Library, Kildare County Library, Military Archives, British Legion (Major Grogan) and Military History Society of Ireland.

WWI List of Casualties
The list was compiled by the FÁS Leinster Leader based in Athy and Naas. And was the result of years of research by many who passed through the FÁS /Leinster Leader Project. If any names were omitted (which I am sure they have), please accept our apology and believe that we are grateful for all and any information and help received in the Project.

It was co-ordinated by Susan Kelly and Mary Carroll Leinster Leader Project, Naas and Athy from information gathered together by Ann-Marie Heskin, Frank Taaffe and Pat Casey. Trainees who painstakingly perused the War Memorial Records in the National Library include; Noelle Delaney, Rita Doyle, Paula Foley, Jacqueline Hyland and Sandra Clarke. Special thanks is expressed to Annette Dempsey and Suzanne Reid for their hours of work on the compilation of the list and also to Tanya Moran, Susan White for compiling the original list and setting things in motion. Thanks also to Liam Kenny for offering advice on the final draft.