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WORLD WAR I: Chapter 5 - Rebellion and Reaction

  • The Volunteer Movement in County Kildare
    For whatever reason, recruitment in Ireland was at an all time low in late 1915, early 1916; this coincided directly with nationalist organisation leading to the 1916 Rebellion...
  • Roger Casement’s Irish Brigade
    An indication of the atmosphere among Irish Soldiers abroad can be seen in the following report in connection with the attempted recruitment of the Irish Brigade by Sir Roger Casement...
  • The Rebellion
    The Royal Irish Constabulary, British Intelligence and British Government largely ignored much of the pre-rebellion mobilisation; marches, drilling, meeting, rallies etc...
  • Who to Blame?
    An official summary of the result of the rebellion in county Kildare found that it put a stop to recruiting of the army, and ‘subsequently a feeling of sympathy with the rebels was entertained by many who had previously condemned the movement…’