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WORLD WAR I: Appendix: The British Army in Co. Kildare (1914)


3rd Cavalry Brigade (forming Cavalry Division of the Expeditionary Force)
“Expeditionary Force” is the term used for the original Allied Force that departed on declaration of War.

GOC. - Brigadier-General H. Dela P. Gough, Headquarters - Curragh,

16th Lancers - Curragh, 4th Hussars - Curragh.

111 Brigade Royal Horse Artillery (I) & E Batteries) - Newbridge, 3 and 4

Troops R.E.- Curragh.

5th Division (Infantry)

G.O.C - Major-General Sir Chas. Fergusson - Headquarters - Curragh.

14th Infantry - Headquarters - Curragh

2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment - Curragh

1st Battalion Duke of Cornwalls’ Light Infantry - Curragh

2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment - Curragh

5th Divisional Troops

Royal Field Artillery - VIII & XV Brigades - Kildare

Royal Engineers - 17th & 59th Coys - Curragh


Army Service Corps

6, 23, 37, 49, 51, and D Coys - Curragh

Royal Army Medical Corps

17 Coy - Curragh

Army Veterinary Corps

7 & 8 Sections - Curragh. Detachments at Kildare and Newbridge. Army Ordnance Corps

3 Coy - sections at Curragh

Regiment Location
1st Bn.2nd Bn.
Depot No.Reg. Reserves Notes; Depots, Reserves, Militia, Battalions, etc.
Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 102nd & 103rd India Graves-end Naas 864 3rd Battalion - Kildare
4th Battalion - Dublin
5th Battalion - Dublin


1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers - 10th Infantry Brigade, 4th Division

2nd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers - 10th Infantry Brigade, 4th Division


New Army Division Authorized 21 August 1914

29th Brigade 30th Brigade
5th Royal Irish Regiment 6th Royal Munster Fusiliers
6th Royal Irish Rifles 7th Royal Munster Fusiliers
5th Connaught Rangers 6th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
6th Leinster Regiment 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
31st Brigade  
5th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
6th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
5th Royal Irish Fusiliers  
6th Royal Irish Fusiliers  

Major Operations

1915 - Battles of Suvla; Retreat from Serbia

1916 - The Karajakois; Capture of Yenikoi

1917 - Third Battle of Gaza; Capture and defence of Jerusalem

1918 - Tell Mar

Between April and June 1918, the 10th Division was Indianized.

Total casualties of the 10th (Irish) Division - 9,363 in killed, wounded and missing.

When this Battalion became the Divisional Pioneer Unit, it was replaced by 10th Battalion Hampshire Regiment, raised in Mullingar.


New Army Division Authorized 11 September 1914

47th Brigade 48th Brigade
6th Royal Irish Regiment 7th Royal Irish Rifles
6th Connaught Rangers 9th Royal Munster Fusiliers
7th Leinster Regiment 8th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
8th Royal Munster Fusiliers 9th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
49th Brigade  
7th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
8th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
7th Royal Irish Fusiliers  
8th Royal Irish Fusiliers  

Major Operations

1916 German Gas Attacks, Hulloch Sector (27 and 29 April)
Battles of Somme - Guillemount, Ginchy (3 -9 September)
1917 Battles of Messines; Capture of Wytschaete; third Battle of Ypres (31 July to 20 November) Battle of Cambrai
1918 Battle of St. Quentin; Battle of Rosieres

Between 21 March and 3 April the Division had 7,149 casualties and the remnant of the infantry had to be formed into a composite brigade. The Division was later re­organized which then left only Irish battalion (5th Royal Irish Fusiliers).

Total casualties in the war - 28,398 killed, wounded, and missing.


Formed from the Ulster Volunteer Force, the first GOC. was appointed on 23 September and the Divisional H.Q. opened in Belfast on 28 October 1914. No artillery was raised with the Division but newly raised artillery brigades were allotted in England in July 1915.

107th Brigade 108th Brigade
8th Royal Irish Rifles 11th Royal Irish Rifles
9th Royal Irish Rifles 12th Royal Irish Rifles
10th Royal Irish Rifles 13th Royal Irish Rifles
15th Royal Irish Rifles 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers
109th Brigade  
9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
10th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  
14th Royal Irish Rifles  

Major Operations

1916 Battle of the Somme (1,2 July)

Battle of Messines;
Capture of Wytscaete
Third Battle of Cambrai

1918 Battles of St. Quentin; Somme Crossing; Rosieres;
Battles of the Lys
The Advance in Flanders

The Division was out of the line on 11 November 1918; during 1919 units dwindled to cadre and on 29 June 1919 it ceased to exist.

Total casualties - 32,186 killed, wounded, and missing.