Awareness of environmental issues is becoming increasingly important- topics such as illegal dumping and litter, reducing and recycling waste, as well as supporting biodiversity and reducing climate impacts are among the important issues. The council has an active environment awareness programme that encompasses schools as well as the community and commercial sectors to help to deal with these issues.

The best online resource to find out where how and why to manage waste better is www.mywaste.ie

This website includes a map of all the recydling facilities in Kildare as well as detailed information on how to reduce waste in the home, school or business.


Kildare County Council participates in a number of national and local initiatives to promote aspects of environmental care. These are promoted through press, radio and social media.


You can also check out our publications HERE . These include our litter and waste managment plans as well as some very useful downloadable guides- including the definitive guide to what goes into each bin- a topic that can cause some confusion!