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Expansion of Open Space Pilot Project

Kildare County Council's Open Space Management Pilot Project will continue into 2021 with new locations confirmed around the county, including 30 research sites. 

This expansion is on foot of the success of the 2020 pilot, which reduced cuts and sprays at 21 Kildare locations to promote biodiversity and provide a more welcoming environment for pollinators like butterflies, moths and bees. The public response to this initiative was overwhelmingly positive, which provided a clear mandate for significant change. 

New features for 2021 include:

- No herbicide usage on lands in the Parks Department's remit except for noxious and invasive species. 

- The establishment of a funded MSc Scholarship in Sustainable Management Practices for Open Public Spaces to investigate sustainable open space management and develop biodiversity-promoting management plans.  

- The development of strategic partnerships with other local authorities to streamline efforts, share expertise and pool resources. 

This recent presentation to Kildare County Council's Climate Action Strategic Policy Committee sets out the current position. 

Sincere thanks to Kildare citizens for their positive engagement with this process. Together we can bring about meaningful and lasting change. 


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