Kildare Arts Service : Youth Arts

Youth Arts

Kildare County Council has a strong commitment to Youth Arts.

Kildare County Council's Youth Arts Programme is led by Eogahn Doyle, Assistant County Arts Officer.

In our Youth Arts Strategy 2009-2011, Kildare County Council outlines its commitment to the continued development and support of Youth Arts in County Kildare.
Kildare County Council’s dedicated Youth Arts Bursary and our mentoring programme for young writers and directors, both established in 2010 are evidence of this commitment.

The language of Youth Arts needs to be clarified as the terms “Youth” and “Arts” often have a different understanding among providers of “Youth” and “Arts” programming. In order to advocate for, promote and provide Youth Arts programming it is important to clarify what Kildare County Council terms as “Youth Arts”.

Kildare County Council recognises Youth Arts as being something that encompasses the needs of the young person in tandem with the needs of the art form, each having importance and value. And we will define young person as being aged between 12 and 25 years of age.

Kildare County Council also recognises the need to support Youth Arts organisations whose artistic process and engagement with young people is still developing.

Young people generally engage with “Youth Arts” on a voluntary basis, in their own free time and outside of the formal school system. However, Kildare County Council recognises the importance of the formal education system in County Kildare as a means to access young people.

over 37% of Kildare’s total population are aged 0-24 year, the highest percentage in the state. Kildare County Council has an overarching commitment to continue to develop both existing provision for children and young people and education partnerships aimed at building capacity in the sector in the county. the Arts service, supported by the library service, will lead on the provision of arts programmes for this cohort countywide. the froebel department of Primary and early Childhood education at maynooth university was formally established in 2013 and is a welcome addition to the infrastructure of the county. the Arts service is committed to supporting arts in education initiatives with the staff and students in the university. other stakeholders include youth Arts organisations, Kildare education Centre, and Kildare Children & young People’s services Committee.


four youth theatre groups in the county are affiliated to youth theatre ireland, with two more in development giving Kildare has one of the largest concentrations of youth theatre groupings in the country. the Arts service supports these groups to increase their capacity, widen the artistic scope of their programme and raise their national profile. Kildare young filmmakers was established in 2014, in north Kildare, in response to an identified need for training. using an inclusive participative model, young people develop skills to write, direct, produce, shoot and edit films. the initiative was expanded in the south of the county in 2018, when griese / Ballitore young filmmakers was 2009, the Platform4 Audio and digital media studio developed sound engineering courses for transition year students, enabling participants to use these skills in their own artistic expressionsupport for artists to study in the field of youth Arts, through the national youth Council’s Certificate in youth Arts, accredited by maynooth university,