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Arts Service Homepage

The functions of the Arts Service include but are not limited to

  • The Formulation of arts development policy for Kildare County Council and to implement the Arts Development Plan
  • The provision of an advocacy, advice, information and support service for the Arts
  • The promotion and encouragement of participation in the arts as maker, participant, audience
  • Devising, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating an arts development programme in Kildare to include
  • Professional development and training opportunities for artists
  • Artists in Residence programmes
  • Commissioning of new work
  • The promotion of models of good practice and artistic excellence in Co Kildare
  • Advising on and supporting the development of cultural capital projects
  • The management of Grant aid and other arts award opportunities
     In order that arts development is sustainable, a strategic approach, which recognises the common goals, shared by Kildare County Council and its partners must be advanced.  Kildare County Council Arts Service is committed to the further development and consolidation of strategic partnerships, internally within Kildare County Council, locally, nationally and trans nationally.

The Arts Act 2003 states that  ‘A local authority may provide such financial or other assistance as it considers appropriate to such persons or in respect of such activities, projects or undertakings, for the purposes of
(a) stimulate public interest in the arts
(b) promote knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts
(c) improving standards in the arts, within its functional area.’

Taking cognisance of this statement, Kildare County Council Arts Service sees its role as the fostering, promotion and development of the Arts in Co Kildare