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Grant Advice


The Arts Service offers annual funding awards and grants to professional, emerging and amateur artists from, or living in Co Kildare on an annual basis. Arts collectives and community groups participating in arts activity can also apply for grant aid.  The grants are advertised in January each year, with a wider suite of grants. The closing date for grant applications each year is around St Patrick’s Day, March 17th.  Applicants must complete application forms.  Hard copy applications only are accepted.  Soft copies are not accepted, due to the restrictions on incoming emails to Kildare County Council.

Each application must be date stamped when it is received.

The grants are adjudicated by an external panel, usually an arts administrator and an artist, from outside of Co Kildare.  The Arts Service team provide background information relating to the applications to the adjudication panel. 

  • Arts Act Grant scheme
  • Artists in Schools Residency Bursary Award
  • Cecil Day Lewis Literary Bursary Award
  • Dance Summer School Bursary Awards
  • Drama League of Ireland Summer School Bursary Award
  • Film Bursary Award
  • Recording Bursary @ Platform4 Recording Studio
  • Tyrone Guthrie Centre Residency Bursary Award
  • Youth Arts Residency Bursary
  • Emerging Visual Artists Solo Exhibition Bursary Award


A Festival Grant scheme is managed by the Community Department of Kildare County Council.  The Arts Service liaise with the Community Department around duplication of funding.

From time to time, the Arts Service may provide grant aid for projects, outside of the specified funding streams.  The projects are deemed to significant to the professional development of the individual or organisation.  Such  projects tend to be

  • once- off
  • time specific
  • linked to other specific funding opportunities with other organisations


Applicants for all Kildare County Council Arts Service awards may like to consider the following general comments before submitting their applications.


Some tips on writing a successful application

  • Read through all parts of the form
  • Fill out all parts of the form
  • Don't presume the panel know anything about your work
  • Be clear about what you are applying for
  • Have realistic aims and objectives
  • Provide good support material
  • Write a realistic and accurate budget
  • Make it difficult for the panel to say no!

Some things to avoid…

  • Don't submit a late application
  • Don't change the application form to suit yourself
  • Don't rely on your support material
  • Not naming the artist you are going to work with
  • Don't ask the panel to make decisions for you
  • Don't be complacent 

Below are some reasons that previous applications would not have received funding
• Did not clearly state or describe the project or body of work for which they were seeking funding
• Did not supply supporting information, as requested on application form i.e.
o Income and expenditure of the project (particularly in relation to matching, or other sources of funding)
o Supporting material from previous productions, shows, exhibitions, etc. 
o No Cv of artist, or profile of organisers included
o Photographs (it is not enough to state ‘will forward photographs, images if required’, or to assume that the adjudicator is familiar with your work)
A number of applications had no supporting material included with their application

  • Did not provide details/ profile of the participants involved 
  • Did not include costings, or specify the amount of money requested, or which element of the project, specifically, that the funding was requested for
  • Listed ‘Masterclass/ Workshops with guest artists’, as the project, but did not name the artist, or sometimes the artform.  An artist should have agreed, in advance of the application to carry out the work.  The guest artists cv/ profile should be included with the application, with a breakdown of costings.   
  • Late applications


In the lead up to the Arts Act grant closing, Kildare Arts Service run a number of 'Applying for Grants' workshops throughout the county. To learn more about the these sessions sign up to our ebulletin here or contact the Arts Service on 045-448328 /