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2006: Laban Guild Community Dance Leaders Course, Level 2 ( Choreography)

Laban Guild Community Dance Leaders Course, Level 2 ( Choreography)

Kildare County Council Arts Service, in association with Riverbank Arts Centre and the Laban Guild hosted a Community Dance Leaders Course, Level 2, which took place in Riverbank over a six month period, commencing  January 2006.

The Laban Guild is internationally renowned for its expertise in community dance training.  It has structured this excellent part-time intermediate level course in order to fulfill a need, which at present is not provided by any other training body

The part-time course aims to develop further skills and expertise in the application of this work in the community

  • Extending physical skill and range of movement
  • Deepening understanding of the nature of creative dance
  • Increasing knowledge of composition and choreographic concepts towards the realisation of dance works

The course content consisted of five strands

  • Laban fundamentals
  • Dance exercise and technique
  • Improvisation
  • Composition and choreography
  • European Dance History

Course tutors were Anna Carlisle, MBE and Cathy O’Kennedy.

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