Early Years: Baby Jam

BABY JAM is an early introduction to music for babies and toddlers. 

Early Years: Baby Jam

Riverbank Arts CentreNewbridge

Event Details

  • Fri 15 Mar  2019
  • 11.00am and 12.15pm

  • Cost: ???7 (Adult & Child)

  • Venue Details
    Riverbank Arts Centre

    Main St.

  • 045 448330
  • info@riverbank.ie
  • www.riverbank.ie

Carrie Haskins, a singer, songwriter and musician from Kildare, uses music to encourage learning such as movement, to explore different textures and sounds, and to introduce different musical instruments.

BABY JAM will be a fun interactive session for young children (and their accompanying adults!).

Friday, 18 January – Rock ‘n’ Roll (11am & 12:15pm)

Friday, 15 February – Classical & Opera (11am & 12:15pm)

Friday, 15 March – African Music (11am & 12:15pm)

Duration of each workshop 45 minutes approx.

Riverbank Arts Centre 
Tel: 045 448327 
Email: boxoffice@riverbank.ie 
Website: www.riverbank.ie

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