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Naas Youth - Young people feel effects of FF Contempt

Fri 2 Apr 2004
Timmy supports the Fine Gael Youth Affairs Spokesperson Damien English TD who has called on young people to make themselves heard in the upcoming elections. "Fianna Fáil will make a play for the youth vote in the upcoming elections by putting forward some token young candidates. There will be more spin without substance, more promises waiting to be broken.

"Young people are not foolish enough to fall for this. They are living with this Government’s contempt for them. Or trying to live with it. Young people are footing the bill for the Government’s tax take on new houses, which has trebled in the last seven years. 45% of the price of a new house is going to the Government in taxes and levies making the cost so exorbitant that 42,000 under 35s are still living in their parental home as they face the prospect of not being able to buy their own home. They cannot afford car insurance as they have to pay up to €4000 a year for this.

"The threat of the return of college fees hangs over them. They are being blamed for the drink culture in Ireland yet the Government will not provide funding for facilities that will afford an alternative activity.

"I am confident that young voters will see through any tokenism on Fianna Fáil’s part. I encourage all young people to vote on June 11 to make themselves heard and vote for a better future for us all by voting for Fine Gael."