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Hospital may get funding for staff

Wed 5 May 2004

The South Western Area Health Board said yesterday (Tuesday) it had received no information about any extra resources over the weekend, but there are strong rumours that additional beds and badly-needed staff are to be provided as part of an E50m nationwide pre-election spend on health. Fine Gael TD, Bernard Durkan, said he would welcome any filling of “the serious gap” in health spending but he believed the leak was a Cabinet leak and “sincerely hoped” it was an indication of extra spending rather than a method of diverting attention from other Government problems. “I presume it has some foundation,” said the Maynooth based Deputy. But he said he hoped it was not something to divert people from other things in the run up to European and local elections. “The health service is far too serious for that kind of nonsense,” he added.

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