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Pedestrian Lights; Abbey Cemetery; Order of Malta

Tue 4 Dec 2001

(a) "That new traffic and pedestrian lights be provided at Murtaghs corner."

The motion was proposed by Cllr. Conway and seconded by Cllr. Bracken.

In response to the motion, the Town Clerk stated that Kildare County Council were presently finalising a design in relation to the pedestrian lights at this junction.

In proposing the motion, Cllr. Conway stated that agreement had been reached at the Naas Area Committee in relation to this matter and that funding had been provided by the County Manager.

Cllr. McCarthy stated that it is important that the stop line should be set back a distance from the junction itself to allow for sufficient space for the turning movements of trucks.

The motion was agreed by the Council.

(b) "That this Council complete the work undertaken at Abbey Cemetery without further delay".

The motion was proposed by Cllr. Conway and seconded by Cllr. Bracken.

In proposing the motion, Cllr. Conway referred to the years of neglect of Abbey Cemetery and that it was in a deplorable condition. He stated that the Council approved funding for the redevelopment of Abbey Cemetery as a Millennium Project and as soon as the work started the Council were directed to cease by Duchas. He stated that this was totally unacceptable and questioned why the Town Clerk had stopped the work in response to approaches from Duchas.

Cllr. Bracken supported Cllr. Conway in the motion, also referring to the condition of the Abbey Cemetery.

At this stage the Town Clerk advised the meeting that he had received a letter from Mr. C. Glennon, Kingsfurze regarding the work going on at Abbey Cemetery. The Cathaoirleach asked Cllr. Glennon if her motion could be taken in conjunction with Cllr. Conway’s.

A discussion then took place in relation to both motions. Cllr. Glennon stated that the Council were never made aware of the plans for the development of Abbey Cemetery. She stated that she had contacted Duchas following concerns she had in relation to work going on at the cemetery. She referred to the fact that builders spoil was being imported into the cemetery.

The Town Engineer then outlined details and presented a plan of the works being undertaken to the meeting. He stated that he had a meeting with Duchas in relation to this matter. He indicated that no excavation has taken place in the cemetery and that stones on the ground had been surveyed and marked but it is unclear as to whether these were gravestones or not. Following the meeting with Duchas, Duchas are to issue a report to the Town Engineer on their requirements in relation to the work being undertaken.

A discussion then took place in relation to the matter with Councillors expressing concern about the condition of the graveyard. It was also noted that this work in the graveyard was a very sensitive issue as families in the town had relatives buried in the graveyard. It was stated that care should be taken in relation to the work going on there.

In conclusion, it was agreed that further work be deferred in Abbey Cemetery until the report from Duchas is received.

(c) "That the Order of Malta be given the tower premises on Fairgreen and that they facilitate the Naas Boxing Club."

The motion was proposed by Cllr. Conway and seconded by Cllr. Bracken.

In response to the motion, the Town Clerk read a report to the meeting which indicated that the water tower was still in possession of the fire service and would be required by them to store some of their vehicles as the new fire station on Newbridge Road was not sufficiently large to do this. In any event, the report noted that the Boxing Club wanted a facility where they could permanently erect a boxing ring and that this severely limited the use of any building by any other club.

In proposing the motion, Cllr. Conway stated that the old water tower should be made available for the Order of Malta and that they have agreed to facilitate the boxing club. He referred to the history of the Boxing Club in the town and stated that they were worthy of support by the Council.

A discussion then took place on the motion during which it was noted that previous efforts had been made to facilitate the Order of Malta. It was agreed that the Council had an obligation to assist the Boxing Club and it was suggested that Devoy Barracks would be used for this purpose.

The Town Clerk suggested that, given the growth of the town, the Council perhaps should look at the construction of a community type building that could facilitate the Boxing Club and other groups in the town.

Cllr. McCarthy suggested that the Tuttys factory, when it becomes available to the Council, could be considered as a possible venue for the Boxing Club and the Order of Malta and other groups.

It was agreed that the motion be amended to "That the Council would assist both the Order of Malta and the Boxing Club in obtaining suitable premises"

The amended motion was agreed.