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A support system to families placed in Naas housing

Tue 12 Jun 2001

(a) "That these Council co-ordinates a support system to families placed in Naas housing." The motion was proposed by Cllr. Conway and seconded by Cllr. Byrne.

In response to the motion, the Town Clerk read a report which indicated that many families, from time to time, require support in areas of counselling, money management, social problems etc. The report indicated that there were a number of agencies such as the Social Work Department of the South Western Health Authority, Naas Child and Family Support Group and the MABS offering help, advice and assistance to families. The report stated that the Council worked in close contact with these organisations and would continue to support and co-ordinate their efforts in any way that it could.

In proposing the motion, Cllr. Conway stated that many families have problems and the Council should get more involved in this area. He stated that people need support particularly when they move into houses in relation to house management etc.

Following further discussion on the motion, the motion was unanimously agreed by the Council.