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Call for Bouncers’ Complaints List

Thu 25 Mar 2004

Cllr Timmy Conway said a number of incidents involving bouncers had been brought to his attention by young people in the town.

Lots of young people are telling me that bouncers turned them away for no reason. They were not satisfied with the way they were operating the rules and regulations, he said..

While it was up to the courts to issue alcohol licenses, the Council could exert control by keeping a record of complaints.

If it kept recurring we would have some kind of control when premises looked for a license, Cllr Conway pointed out. We would at least send a signal that we were looking at the situation.

Cllr Conway tabled a motion for the March meeting of the Council calling for such a register to be established.

However, he said it was not in response to a particular incident involving a bouncer. There are small incidents happening all over - it s a collective situation, he said. A lot of people have complained to me about it. Cases are being settled all the time and I think it s time the Council did something about it.

A Garda spokesman said any complaint against a bouncer would be investigated. There were a number of night clubs in Naas and they each had a few bouncers.

There are assaults in night clubs being reported continuously, but not from bouncers. Assaults are ongoing where there are crowds and drink. It seems to be the culture.

Kildare Nationalist