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Locals being forced out of house market

Fri 28 Apr 2000

A motion before last Tuesday’s UDC meeting in the names of Cllrs Timmy Conway, Seamie Moore, Willie Callaghan and Evelyn Bracken sought agreement that the 5 acres belonging to the community of Naas on the Blessington Road is for affordable housing only and that plans for these houses be drawn up immediately.

Officials had said that the UDC’s first obligation was to provide social housing for those on its waiting list and the five acres - and other lands coming to the UDC from the Development Plan - will have to be examined as part of their housing strategy.

Cllr Conway said the land was “absolutely dedicated‚ for affordable housing as people from Naas are being driven as far away as Carlow to be able to afford a house”.

“We zoned 10 acres for affordable housing in the Town Development Plan and have a duty by that. It’s essential that the young people of Naas be able to work and rear their families here,” he told officials.

He went on to say that Naas people are being driven out by people coming from Dublin, with more money. “I will not accept the situation that it is being thrown into the whole realm of social housing,” he added.

Cllr Evelyn Bracken said the high cost of houses in Naas is preventing young people from getting married. “They’re the people we have to look after,” she said.

Commenting on the length of time it is taking to have the land transferred to the Council, Cllr Anthony Egan said he hadn’t expected it to take almost 12 months. Cllr Willie Callaghan said he has been inundated with queries from couples trying to buy a house.

Cllr Seamie Moore said: “We put our heads on the chopping block and made a commitment to the people of the town to provide houses for them, and I’d hate to go back on that promise.”

The motion was unanimously approved.