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Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny welcomes the Mayor of Naas, Councillor Timmy Conway, to the Fine Gael party

Mon 16 Jun 2003
Enda Kenny said that he is delighted the former Senator, and one of the founding members of the Progressive Democrats, Timmy Conway has decided to enter the Fine Gael ranks. "Cllr Conway's move is very encouraging and is further evidence that Fine Gael is well on its way to recovery."

According to Cllr Conway, he joined the party because the only credible alternative to the current Government is one led by Fine Gael. He added that he has known and respected Enda Kenny for many years.

Cllr Conway explained that he is deeply unhappy with the current Government because it has not demonstrated any ability to manage the public finances or to deliver quality public services. "I was especially disappointed by the decision to gut the FOI act particularly as accountability is a core PD value", Cllr Conway said.