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Environment - The Canal

Sat 15 May 2004
Our major amenity and a source of inspiration and well being are often neglected by both Officialdom and by unthinking members of the community alike. Timmy is absolutely opposed to any reduction of the 90M set back on either side of the Canal. He has already strongly resisted the current proposals to reduce this to 75M. Timmy wages an ongoing battle to preserve and enhance this beautiful amenity.

I got tired over the years, constantly writing letters to the Council about the condition of the canal. Almost every day I walk along the canal for the sheer pleasure of it but recently I have brought along a companion in the form of a digital camera. Now, 'a picture is really worth a thousand words'. When I see something requiring attention I just take a photo and send it via email to the appropriate department. Amazing how you cannot argue with a photograph.

Click the links below to see some of the good the bad and the ugly.

  1. Canal Abbey Bridge
  2. Canal Bridge Millbrook
  3. Canal Millbrook Walk
  4. Canal Tandy's Bridge