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Proposed Community College for Pipers Hill

Thu 13 May 2004
Twenty acres have been given free to the council in the proposed development of lands at Piperís Hill which also includes a Golf Course and Housing, The council recently welcomed the proposal that this land be used for the provision of a second level Community College for 1,000 pupils. It is further proposed that there should also be a third level element in the form of the provision of a course on ĎBloodstock Industry Managementí

This would integrate with the Gaelscoil which is already sited there and would have the potential for creating a secondary Gaelscoil. The new school would be funded out of the sale of buildings on the Newbridge road which are currently occupied by the VEC. The new school would be situated adjacent to the new ring road to facilitate ease of access.

Timmy Conway fully supports this development and looks forward to plans being lodged with the Council next month.

See below for recent article from Leinster Leader


A 1,000 pupil community college is planned for Naas as part of the major educational campus proposed for Piperís Hill on the outskirts of the town. This is a key element in the three-tier educational facility now put forward for unzoned lands on the Kilcullen Road. It is also planned to include a third-level element in the scheme with Kildare Vocational Education Committee (VEC) leading the initiative. A new golf club is also proposed for the Piperís Hill lands and the need to rezone the area could see a material contravention placed before councillors. The successful Equine Studies programme in St. Patrickís College - set up by the late John OíSullivan - could be expanded to third level. Consultations will soon take place with the horse industry. Outline proposals were put forward to Naas Town Councillors last week. by CEO of Kildare VEC, Sean Ashe. The campus proposal may eventually be presented in a planning application to both the Naas authority and Kildare County Council. But first the Department of Education must finalise its specification. This is likely to have an intake of 1,000 students, making it the largest second level education facility in Naas. Primary education will also be facilitated at the Piperís Hill site with an area offered to the new Gaelscoil in Naas. Town Councillors gave a broad welcome to the proposals last week. They were given a presentation on the project behind closed doors on Tuesday, 4 May. It is understood that 20 acres of land at Piperís Hill will be devoted to education.