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Dev. Calls for Council to Buy Castle

Fri 4 Aug 2000
Cllr Conway says the deal should be done now and not allows any other development on it. “I’m adamant we buy it and retain it as a castle and the two acres of grounds to be used as a pleasure park for the people to enjoy,” he said. “We’re in control of that site as it would require a material contravention to change its use so it would have a limited value to any developers interested.” Cllr Conway believes the UDC made a bad mistake in not buying Market House in the harbour when it was on offer. “We could have extended the library into it and made it a centre for the people of the area. But the then town manager, Terry O Niadh, told me he wouldn’t buy it. That was a very big mistake - we should have bought it and I’m going to follow it through.” Cllr Conway said with the way Naas is developing, the UDC is going to be flush with money from rates. “Our finances are absolutely secure so it’s vital we go out into the market and buy places like St David’s, Market House and the convent building beside the church, which could be used for the benefit of the community. “Now is the time to buy them. If you let things drift they get dearer.”