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About Afri - AfrI Vision Statement

Afri ( Action from Ireland) is a small justice peace and human rights organisation which was founded in 1975. We in AfrI operate, at base, from a particular vision of how the world should be. We believe in, and work towards, a more just world characterised by greater equality and respect for human rights. This vision incorporates an end to hunger and poverty, to discrimination, violent conflict and repression and their replacement by a fair distribution of the earth's resources and the peaceful resolution of disputes. This vision is, of course, utopian, but progress towards its realisation is possible.

We believe that a first step towards such realisation is the identification of the causes of existing global problems. There are many causes - including the neoliberal model of economic globalisation, with its attendant features including unequal trade and debilitating international debt repayments - but the one that has long engaged the attention of AfrI is militarisation. The militarisation of the global economy and polity contributes to poverty and injustice in a number of ways, including:

  • The direct diversion of resources from social to military expenditure.

  • The tendency for military industries to encourage violent conflict in order to reap profits.

  • And the way in which the presence and deployment of military resources discourages (or directly prevents) people from claiming their rights.

While not suggesting that a reduction in international militarisation would act as a panacea for global ills, it would nonetheless be a major step forward.

AfrI's organisational goal is, therefore, the progressive reduction of global militarisation as one step towards greater global justice and equality.

Afri has a long standing association with county Kildare through the Féile Bríde Conference which it holds in Kildare Town every Year, and it's Hedge School/ Scoil Chois Claí which takes place in The Old Mill, Victoria Bridge, Naas.


134 Phibsborough Road,
Dublin 7,

Tel. 01 8827581 / 8827563
Fax. 01 8827576 Email: afri@iol.ie