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Alice in Plunderland.

A group of actors and celebrities will presented "Alice in Plunderland: the Mad Hatter's Tea Party" outside the Dáil at 12 noon on Easter Monday.

The half-hour event was in protest against the plunder of war booty in the form of multi-billion dollar reconstruction contracts awarded to companies close to the Bush administration following the onslaught of death and destruction wrought on the Iraqi people.

This will be a tea-party with a difference:

  • the Mad Hatter bears an uncanny resemblance to Uncle Sam;

  • the Mad March Hare looks incredibly like Tony Blair;

  • Bertie Dormouse sits in slumber, waking only to agree with everyone;

  • the cake which is carved up is in the shape of Iraq;

  • and instead of a teapot, an oilcan is passed around for consumption.

This allegory will be organised by Afri to highlight the plunder of Iraq, which has taken place and is now about to enter a new phase. The new phase sees Oil Companies and Construction Companies rub their hands at the prospect of making millions of dollars in profit from the task of rebuilding all that was destroyed by cluster-bombs, MOAB bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. Almost all the companies are not only from the US but are linked to Bush's Republican Party. Britain, having made a major contribution to the plunder will also benefit and Bertie's contribution of Shannon Airport to the prosecution of the war merits him a shameful place at the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Plunderland. Alice (all us) can only look on in horrified shock.

Actors and celebrities taking part will include Michael McElhatton, creator of Paths to Freedom and Fergus' Wedding, actor and playwright Donal O'Kelly, actress and TV scriptwriter Sorcha Fox and other guests.

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