U260 & Kowloon Bridge weekend

The dawn raid did not deter the 12 enthusiastic divers with a 6am start on the Saturday morning to catch the slack on the German U-boat, the U260 which sank five miles out of Union Hall in 1945 near the end of World War 2.

The U260 weekend went very well with 12 divers diving the U260 on Saturday & Sunday morning & the Kowloon Bridge on Saturday & Sunday afternoon. The group was made up of nine divers from Naas SAC, our two friends from Dalkey Scuba Divers, Stewie & Yvonne & Fiona Gillespie from Portmarnock SAC.
Our efforts were well rewarded with perfect diving conditions on the Sub. No current on slack neap tides & great visibility gave us a great opportunity to explore the whole wreck. Maximum depth at the bow was 43 meters & everyone was diving nitrox or rebreathers to get maximum bottom times.
Stewie did not let us down, dropping the shot within a couple of meters of the wreck on both mornings.
After breakfast on both mornings we headed back out to sea to dive the largest wreck in European waters, the Kowloon Bridge. The Kowloon Bridge sank in 1986 after having steerage problems & hitting the Stags rocks. The iron ore carrier lies in 36 meters at the bow, 9 miles from Union Hall. It is an amazing sight to see this enormous ship which is the size of a football pitch & goes from 8 meters to 36 meters at the bow.
It was certainly a weekend’s diving to remember with four great dives.
The Periscope which is covered with life
One of two air tanks used for the ships bouyancy that lies on the seabed beside the U260
Torpedo Tube.jpg
 Torpedo tube
 Safety stop.jpg
Silhouette of us on the shot doing our safety stop
One of the two propellors on the U260
The open hatch leading into the Sub


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