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The original testimonial, transcribed below, came through a former Kildare Co. Council employee, Michael Bermingham, who thought it would be of interest to the people of Kildare and generously donated it to Kildare Library and Arts Service, Newbridge Library, in January 2013.

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To His Excellency The Right Honorable Robert Bourke, Governor of the Residency of Fort St. George, Madras

Verse in English with translation in four languages

Verse in English with translation in four languages

His Excellency Robert Bourke
Famous ruler and good Monarch
May God bless him and Lady Bourke
Prays each Indian, Persian and Irish
Verse in Hindustani with translation in English
When the stars of India shone from the horizon of dignity
The Empire of India has been enlightened with the light of justice
The world depends on these moon and stars
You are the moon of nobility and Empress of India is the sun

1887 A.D.

Verse in Arabic with translation in English

If there be any picture of the beauty of justice
It is you, O’ full moon of the sky of dignity
Ever live as ruler and possess consent of the subjects with you
And rise in position with your excellent qualities
Verse in Persian with translation in English
O’ grand pearl of the crown of crown-wearers by descent!
Your name has beaten the drum of justice up to China and Arabia
You do with India what cloud does with garden
You do with tyranny what the sun does with night.

1304 Hijri Era

Dedicated, translated, written and presented by Abdul Ghani Khan Bahadur of the carnatic family and fellow, Madras University.

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Note on Robert Bourke:
Robert Bourke was born in 1827, son of Robert Bourke (1797-1867), landed gentleman of Hayes, near Slane, Co. Meath, and Anne Charlotte Bourke (née Jocelyn; 1801-67), granddaughter of the 1st Earl of Roden. He was one of eight children – seven sons and one daughter. After the death of his uncle, John Bourke (1766-1849), 4th earl of Mayo, Robert Bourke became 5th earl and (from 1852), a conservative representative peer for Ireland.
Robert Bourke (jnr.) was 1st Baron Connemara (cr. 1887), conservative MP for King’s Lynn (1868-86), under-secretary of foreign affairs (1874-80, 1885-6) and governor of Madras (1886-90). He died in 1902.

Robert Bourke testimonialcrop2.jpg

An 1877 testimonal to Robert Bourke, Governor of Madras, donated by Michael Bermingham. Our thanks to Michael

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