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Leinster Leader 18 August 1945
Kildare Bee-keepers' sucesses
R.D.S. Show awards

Kildare Bee-keepers Association whose "Liffey Vale" brand products are so well known and appreciated by the buying public, scored a notable list of successes at the Royal Dublin Society's Autumn Show, held at Ballsbridge last week. Following is the list of awards gained by members of this very successful Association:-

Class 1 (Six Sections of Honey)-
2nd Prize, J. Morrissey, Fairgreen, Kildare.
Class 2 (Three sections of Honey)-
2nd Prize, D. O'Neill, Barrettstown, Newbridge.
V.H.C., P. Byrne, N.T., Beechville, Kilcullen.
Class 3 (One Section of Honey)-
2nd Prize, M. Conway, Gurteen, Nurney.
Class 4 (Three 1lb. jars, run Honey, light)-
1st prize, P. Byrne, N.T.
2nd Prize, Capt. A. Swan, Newbridge.
3rd Prize, J. Melia, Crossmorris, Kildare.
V.H.C., C.Q.MS. Charles, Brownstown, Curragh; J. Morrissey, M. Murphy, Punchersgrange, Newbridge.
Class 5 (Three 1lb. jars run Honey, medium)-
1st prize, P. Byrne, N.T.
2nd Prize, J. Morrissey.
3rd Prize, C.Q.M.S. Charles.
V.H.C. J. Melia.
Class 6 (Bees-wax; cake not less than 8 ozs.)-
2nd prize, J. Morrissey.
3rd prize, C.Q.M.S. Charles.
V.H.C. Capt. A. Swan, J. Melia.
Messrs. P. Byrne and J. Morrissey shared in a triple tie for the cash prize presented by Messrs. M. Rowan and Co. Ltd., Capel St., Dublin.


The Kildare Bee-keepers Association were busy at the RDS in August 1945

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