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Leinster Leader May 14, 1881


The above Landlord, protected by a guard of police, came to Kildare on the 4th instant, to collect the rents of his estate in the vicinity, which consists of about 550 acres, rented at a much higher value than the Duke of Leinster’s property adjoining it. The tenants requested the Very Rev. Dr. Kavanagh, their respected parish priest, to call on him, and ask a reduction of 20 per cent. This reasonable request Sir E.D. Borrowes refused to accede to and threatened immediate proceedings for the recovery of the full rent. Dr. Kavanagh conveyed his reply to the tenantry, who at once declared their determination to refuse to pay any longer an unjust rent. This resolve was conveyed to the Landlord, who thereupon insulted a peaceful and respectful tenantry by visiting them under police protection to demand why they had not paid their rents. One of them to whom he gave £40 per year permanent reduction by the advice of the others paid, but all the others replied that he would get no rent until he gave the required reduction or brought down the “Emergency men.” The following Friday the tenants received letters from Messrs. White and White, 13 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin, requiring the rent by the next day at twelve o’clock, with 10s 2d costs, adding that interest would be charged till the amount was paid. Subjoined is the list of the tenants:-


Valuation                                  Rent

                                                £          s.          d.                      £         s.          d.

Thomas Lee                         114      0          0                      161      3          8

Mary Lee                             130      0          0                      180      0          0

James Rourke                       32        0          0                      46        15        0

James Clinch                        37        10        0                      66        0          8

A. Davis                                            -                                               -          

Rev. T. Sheridan                       7          5          0                      10        3          4

A. Hackett                                       -                                               -

John Lowery                        11        10        0                      14        0          0

Thos. Kelly                           0          15        0                      1          4          0

Michael Hopkins                      0          10        0                      1          11        8

Stephen Conway                      1          0          0                      2          5          10


On Thursday last 12th instant, six of the tenants were served with writs for the half year’s rent due March 25th 1881. I May add that some of those tenants have expended over £1,500 on their holdings within the past few years. The landlord has now thrown down the gauntlet, and they are determined to hold out to the last.


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