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Leinster Leader 7 November 1931

Kildare Man Honoured
District Judges Named Butte Man as Co. Commissioner on First Ballot

Tim Kearney, widely known Butte man and former county commissioner, was selected by the three district court judges to fill the county commissioner’s post left vacant by the death last week of Thomas P. Merkle.
The selection of Mr. Kearney came on the first ballot, Judge J. J. Lynch and Frank L. Riley voting for him and Judge W. E. Carroll voting for Mrs. Merkle, widow of the deceased incumbent, Judge Carroll asked that a record of his vote be placed on the minutes and then voted for Mr. Kearney so that any legal question of the selection would be cleared by the unanimous vote of the three judges.
Mr. Kearney, an old time resident of Butte, was elected county commissioner in November 1924, and served a six-year term from January, 1925, to December 31st, 1930, inclusive acting as Chairman of the Board for the last year years of his term. He was defeated for renomination to the post by Mr. Merkle at the last primary election. Of late he has been a deputy county assessor.
News of Mr. Kearney’s appointment was received with general satisfaction throughout the city and particularly in the courthouse. “Mr. Kearney’s excellent record as a county commissioner and his unfailing interest in county finances and the welfare of the taxpayer made him a favourable candidate,” Judge Lynch as spokesman for the selection board, declared.
Mr. Kearney came to Butte in 1903, a sturdy young Irishman fresh from the Emerald Isle. He went to work in the Butte mines, continuing as a miner until 1911, when he was employed by the Butte Electrical Railway Company, an organisation with which he remained until 1924. In 1924 he was elected county commissioner, assuming office for the six year term on the first Monday in January, 1925. During his administration the main highways in Silver Bow country were built, whilst at the same time the debt was reduced from 1,400,000 dols to 480,000 dols and the tax levy cut to 3.75 mills.
“I intend to continue to work for the best interests of the citizens of Silver Bow county,” Mr. Kearney declared.
Mr. Kearney is a brother of Mrs. Taylor, Main St., Naas.

A story from the Leinster Leader of 7 November 1931 on the honouring of Kildare man, Tim Kearney, in Butte, Montana

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