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Commemorating the Battle of Ballaghmoon 908 A.D.

On Monday 15 August at 3 p.m. at Ballaghmoon Graveyard an unveiling took place to commemorate the Battle of Ballaghmoon 908 A.D.


Unveiling EDIT.jpg
Professor Raymond Gillespie and Paddy Behan unveiling the monument
on Monday 15 August 2011 at Ballghmoon Graveyard.
Though the afternoon was inclement a small crowd of local supporters, local history enthusiasts and Kildare Co. Council staff turned out to witness the unveiling of the attractive monument.
Crowd EDITwebsmall.jpg
Memorial EDITwebsmall.jpg
Throughout the day speakers paid tribute to Eamon Kane and his local Committee who had pioneered the project and it was Eamon who gave a brief introduction to the erection of the Monument and indeed the importance of the battle itself. Eamon then introduced Paddy Behan, Chairman of the Co. Kildare Historic Monuments Advisory Committee to say a few words and to introduce the rest of the speakers.
Eamonn and Paddy Behanwebsmall.jpg
Eamon Kane being presented with a token of appreciation by
Chairman of the Co. Kildare Historic Monuments Advisory Committe, Paddy Behan.
Kildare Co. Council's commitment to the project through the Monuments Committee and the Heritage Officer, Bridget Loughlin contributed greatly to the erection of the Monument and Paddy called on the Mayor of Kildare, Michael Nolan MCC to say a few words.
Mayor Michael NolanEDITwebsmall.jpg
Mayor of Co. Kildare, Michael Nolan MCC.
Peter Minnock, Acting Co. Manager on behalf of the County Manager Michael Malone and Brigid Loughlin, Co. Heirtage Officer  followed the Mayor and paid tribute to the local community, the Ballaghmoon Committee and the various individuals who had made the day possible.
Peter Minnockwebsmall.jpg
Peter Minnock, Acting Co. Manager
Brigid Loughlinwebsmall.jpg
 Bridget Loughlin, Co. Heritage Officer
Paddy Behan then introduced Professor Raymond Gillispie of NUI Maynooth, Editor of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society Journal to formally unveil the monument.
Ray EDITwebsmall.jpg
Professor Raymond Gillespie
Professor Gillespie again paid tribute to all involved and gave a brief outline of the battle and of its importance in Irish history; an importance which would now be acknowledged by this wonderful monument.

Eamonn Kane, Rayond Gillespie and local farm owner George Ashmore were presented with mementos of the occasion as tokens of appreciation for their involvement on the day and their support of the project throughout.

Ray Paddy and EamonnEDITwebsmall.jpg
Paddy Behan presents Prof. Ray Gillespie with commemorative pewter plate
George and EamonnEDITwebsmall.jpg
Eamon Kane presents George Ashmore with commemorative pewter plate
George Ashmore in particular made a great contribution to the preparation of the area for the monument, the lifting of the monument into place and the faciliation of the ceremony on the family farm at Ballaghmoon.
Group EDIT.jpg
George Ashmore, Brigid Loughlin, Mayor Michael Nolan,  Peter Minnock,
Prof. Raymond Gillespie, Eamon Kane, Paddy Behan

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