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The Leinster Leader abroad

Leinster Leader 19 June 1948
Soldier’s tribute to “Leader”
To the Editor, “Leinster Leader.”
Dear Sir – On behalf of myself and my friends I find a little time to write to you a few lines concerning the “Leinster Leader” and how we all here look forward to receiving it from home. It is indeed a treat to read all the brightly edited news and to know how all our Gaelic games and sports are progressing in the county.
During my twelve months in Palestine the “Leinster Leader” was a welcome gift from home, and even to the present day we all look forward to receiving it. The Battalion is at present stationed in Egypt, and now that our duties have been reduced a great deal, we find more time to read the news from the homeland. I most sincerely hope I shall continue to receive it throughout my active service duties in the Middle East.
I would like to mention that during my service in Austria, 1945-46 with 1st Battalion, Irish Fusiliers, I and other Kildare soldiers were always on the look-out for the “Leader.” It helped to dispel the loneliness and brought us again in contact with our friends and people. I hope the good work will continue to reach those of us in exile.
I would like to thank all connected with the “Leinster Leader” for such a fine production and such a welcome gift to those abroad. – I remain yours faithfully, J. Kelly, late of 475, Ballymanny Cottages, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

Leinster Leader 4 February 1961
The “Leader” went the rounds in the Congo
Gunner D. Finn, a member of Round Towers GFC, was one of the most popular men in his Company, every Monday that the 33rd Battalion was in the Congo – that was the day the Leinster Leader arrived.
“The Club arranged with us to have the paper sent each week. Everyone wanted to read it, and it went the rounds of the whole Company,” he said on his return.
Now the Leinster Leader is going out weekly, at the request of the Club to his brother, Trooper L. Finn, of the Armoured Car Group in the 34th Battalion.

The appreciation of the Leinster Leader by Kildaremen serving overseas from 1948 and 1961

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