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Leinster Leader, January 6, 1951


Naas Housing Programme

Old Gaol To Be Demolished?

The new scheme of 130 houses proposed to be built between the Caragh Road and the Canal Basin , was again discussed at the meeting of the Naas Urban Council on Tuesday night. A lengthy debate took place as regards the Old Gaol and a resolution was passed eventually, that it be acquired and demolished. Mr. M.J. O’Donoghue inquired that now that the Town Planner was back from when would the proposed 130 houses scheme commence. The Chairman (Mr. MI. Fitzsimons) said that apparently more land was required. Town Clerk (Mr. Whyte – Negotiations are going on. I understand that the Town Planner has been with the Department and that the Department has approved in principle the lay-out and that now it is only a matter of completing the documents. Mr. O’Donoghue – Any chance of starting development work in the near future? Chairman – We must get the loan sanctioned. Town Clerk – The big job is the preparation of the bills of quantities. Until that is done we cannot advertise. Mr. Tom Dowling said that it was apparently intended to acquire the field at the rear of Mr. Noel Dowling’s house and also the small piece of road behind Mr. Frank Dowling’s new grocery store. “I was under the impression,” added Mr. Dowling, “that the gaol site would also be developed”. Town Clerk – No. Mr. S. Curran – I thought that a ball alley was to be built there.  Mr. O’Donoghue said that the acquisition of Messrs. Dowling’ lands was a new one to him. He thought that they had acquired all the land that they required eighteen months or two years ago.


The Town Clerk said that the land was necessary to provide an outlet to the main road. Mr. Jack Lawler – I was under the impression that the old Gaol was to be taken down. Surely it isn’t intended to build 130 houses up against that? They should be ten miles away from a structure like that. Mr. Dowling – I think that it is a great eyesore there. Mr. O’Donoghue – It should be taken away. Mr. Dowling – It would make a marvellous building site. Mr. Daly – Would there be any chance of a contractor demolishing it for stone? Chairman – They would be no good for building purposes. Mr. O’Donoghue – Send one of the stones to instead of the Lia Fail (laughter). Mr. Jack Lawler said that they should draw the attention of the Town Planner to this anomaly – that they did not approve of the new scheme unless the Old Gaol was taken down. Mr. O’Donoghue – Put that in the form of a resolution and the Council will back it. Town Clerk – The Council have already approved of the scheme, but we didn’t know that we would have to acquire further land.













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