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'By the way,' Ann Lane

In November 2010 Wordwell Books published a book of photographs of public art all around Ireland called By the way. Ann Lane, the author of the book, travelled over 16,000 miles to list 760 sites and take hundreds of photographs. The book was well recieved and since its publication Ann has been toying with the idea of a slightly follow-up book, a sort of hidden Ireland type.

'If there were any local sites/images/commemorations/beautiful hidden scene or scenic road/private gardens/quirky things in your area that you might feel would be attractive to foreign tourists - or indeed anybody - I would be delighted to hear about it/them. If there is a background story about the item that would, of course, be significant - especially if there is any legend involved. Having it publicised could help tourism in your area. I would certainly plan to include tribute statues, i.e., Bill Clinton in Ballybunion, Joe Dolan, etc., but I would have to know the artisyt of those pieces because they have to be credited in each case.

At the moment I am just doing a general background check to see if there is enough material out there to warrant more research. If there is a local History Society, Historical Association or Museum Society in your area who are interested I would be grateful if you could contact me at ann.lane@ireland.com

An appeal by author Ann Lane for material on a book about hidden things in your area

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