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'U.S. President to visit  Timahoe'

If you were listening to ‘Today in the Papers’ on Radio Telefís Éireann (RTE) in 1970, you would have heard that leading headline announcement.

Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States of America, had discovered his Irish roots, and had included a visit to the old Quaker cemetery at Hodgestown, near Timahoe, in north-west Kildare in his official round of Irish visits.

The press were somewhat puzzled. ‘Where’s Timahoe?’ asked national and international journalists. 'County Laois,'  chorused all the knowledgeable people, in reply, and many of the good people in the County Laois Timahoe nodded their heads in total agreement, and claimed their town was the genuine resting place of the President’s Milhouse ancestors.

This heresy was soon put to flight, and Timahoe, in North Kildare, began to take on an international news dimension.

Does this remind you of the current competing claims for connections to President Obama’s Irish ancestors?

You are very welcome to hear the full story of President Nixon’s visit to the real Timahoe at 8 pm. on Wednesday, 11th May at the Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, when Maynooth Local History Group presents a talk by local historian, and Donadea resident, Seamus Cullen.

Admission is free.

The visit of President Nixon to Timahoe, a talk by Seamus Cullen for Maynooth Local History Group, Glenroyal Hotel, 11 May.

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