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Death of noted musician
Leinster Leader 7 May 1977

A gifted musician who brought joy to thousands throughout his relatively short lifetime died recently at Peamount Hospital, after a prolonged illness. Christy Bolger (56) of Sallins left an indelible imprint on the musical scene, and news of his death brought a personal sadness to many far removed from his own family circle.
He was at his best on joyous occasions, such as wedding or anniversary functions. His golden saxophone delighted the guests as he drew on an endless repertoire, and many a marriage reception was made memorable by his personal touches.
Christy, whose working career was also distinguished – he was a garage foreman in Iona Garage, Dublin – started in this trade in McGuirke’s, Naas, at the age of fourteen. He remained there for 24 years until it was leased in 1958 to McMullans. He had been employed for sixteen years at Iona, where he was foreman for eight years.
Own Band
In the evenings Christy threw off the cares of the daily chores, scrubbed off the grease, and made music, first with a piano accordion, then the saxophone, and he could make the instruments “talk.” He started a band in the early forties, and his combination was in great demand; his musical talent, coupled with a great sense of humour, made him a huge success. He loved the camaraderie making no bones whatever about doing charity shows when the need arose.
There were many tributes to him at his passing, none more eloquent than the tears at his funeral of people at whose weddings he entertained. Very Rev. L. Newman P.P., Sallins, who became one of his closest friends, and who comforted his family during his illness, said at the obsequies that Christy had a God-given talent, which he used unsparingly, playing at a variety of functions, making people happy. Expressions of sympathy came from all sides, including many from those who said they could still hear the harmony he created at their particular function. The musicmaker’s memory will live on in this way.
Christy was to have journeyed to Lourdes on May 13, but it was not to be, as his condition deteriorated. Great family man that he was, it comes as no surprise to learn that one of his sons is following in his footsteps, down he musical road. Following Requiem Mass in Sallins, interment took place to Bodenstown. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; sons P. J., Patrick, Robin; daughter, Mary, sisters and brother.

A Leinster Leader report on the death of well known local musician Christy Bolger in 1977.

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