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Formation of Newbridge Local History Group

In recent years there has been a great resurgence in local history, heritage and genealogy in County Kildare. A meeting was convened to form a history group in the town in Newbridge Library by the County Kildare Library Services and notified to the public through the local news media. Upwards of 30 people attended an inaugural meeting on 21 October and they provided their names and contact particulars for future communications. It was decided to have the first meeting on the third Tuesday of November, 2010, at 7pm.

On 16 November the group held its first offical meeting, which was attended by twenty persons. It was acknowledged that Newbridge had a history group some years ago and it is hoped the new group will continue for many years to come. Mario Corrigan, of the Library’s Resource and Archives Centre offered the support of Newbridge Library and the use of the seminar room on the Tuesday evening when the Library is open until 8pm for meetings.

At this first meeting a committee was formed. It was decided to name the group 'Newbridge Local History Group,' and to have its meetings on the third Tuesday of every month. Historian and author, James Durney, gave the new group its first official talk with a slide show on the Newbridge Heritage trail. The Newbridge Heritage Trail was devised by James through the Local Resource and Library Services in conjunction with the County Heritage Officer, Brigid Loughlin.

The next meeting of Newbridge Local History Group is scheduled for 14 December 2010 in the Library seminar room at 7 pm, at which the committee will organise events and functions for the new year. A programme for January-June will be suggested. All are welcome.

On 16 November 2010 Newbridge Local History Group held its first offical meeting at which a committee was formed to organise events and functions for the new year.

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