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Kildare Observer 09/04/1898
Messrs. Dunne and Sheridan, Painting and Decorating Contractors, Naas, have just completed a very extensive contract at Furness House, lately purchased from Mr. W. Osborne, who was declared the purchaser in the Courts some years back. It is unnecessary to go into a description of this once beautiful house and grounds as it has been so often repeated in these columns. Suffice it to say that since it has come into the hands of its present owner, the whole place has gone under great alteration, and no expense having been spared it is fast recovering its former grandeur. To go minutely into the work done by even the paint brush would indeed take up more space than would be at our disposal. We visited the place during the week, and on entering the hall the first thing to strike the eye is that it has been divided by an archway and the floor has been put down in parquet. The walls are papered in drab colour, with the figure of a dragon in dark terra cotta, with the wainscoting painted to match. On the right hand side stands a fireplace with a magnificent old white marble carved chimneypiece representing the vine. On the left, under the staircase, Mr. Synott has had a stove erected. Such a piece of wood and workmanship as is in the staircase it would, indeed, be hard to beat. It is, we believe, Spanish chestnut carved magnificently. When Mr. Synott saw it cleaned out he decided to leave it in that state, and we must agree with his taste as it would be sad to see a brush mar such work. A new study has been built looking out on the back lawn, and it is floored to match the hall. The anteroom is papered in green stripe, the painting work to match. The drawingroom is papered in plain tint of yellow, and the carved woodwork has been thoroughly cleaned and painted in white, showing off the fine workmanship. There is a beautiful ceiling in this room said to be put up many years ago by Italians. There is also a carved chimneypiece of great value. The spacious dining room is papered in terra cotta and has a new parquet floor. The chimneypiece of this room is of white Canea marble. The bedrooms are painted in blue terra cotta and cream; in each the woodwork is painted to match. Amongst the many improvements are a new laundry, linen rooms, with special heating apparatus; bath and schoolrooms, lavatories, telephone to servants’ hall, a water supply right through house, with a hose on each landing in case of fire. The kitchen, pantries and servants’ apartments have all been rebuilt and the woodwork painted in terra cotta. The woodwork of the sides and front is painted in olive green. Passing from the house into the stable-yard we find a new groom’s house, coach-house, harness and saddlerooms, and stabling for eleven horses. These are all fine airy boxes, fitted by Musgrave & Co, Belfast, with their patent fittings. They are splendidly paved and drained. The woodwork is stained and varnished, and the ironwork painted in brown. A new hay barn by Kennan & Sons has been erected. The garden has not been neglected and close on 1,000 fruit trees have been planted, and the greenhouses heated by one of Kennan & Sons’ heating apparatus.
Messrs Dunne and Sheridan are to be congratulated for the manner in which they have accomplished their big contract. Messrs. Good Bros, Brunswick street, had the contract for all work except the painting and decorating.

The Kildare Observer of April 1898 reports on the major alterations undertaken to restore the once beautiful Furness House to its former grandeur

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