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On the 17 November 2009 two key resources were launched by Mayor of Co. Kildare, Cllr. Colm Purcell.



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It is indeed a pleasure to be with you this evening for the launch of two key resources:
 The County Kildare Archaeological Society Journal - Volumes I to XIX on a fully-searchable DVD

and the

 Directory of Archaeological Sources Relating to County Kildare.

The county council is delighted to be associated with both publications –  the DVD is the result of collaboration between the County Kildare Archaeological Society and Kildare Library and Arts Services. The Directory is a County Kildare Heritage Forum publication.

The DVD and the directory will bring the history and heritage of the county in to the public eye in a new way; and those who have worked on them deserve our thanks and appreciation.

These two unique resources will be of immense value to researchers and people with an in Kildare’s rich past.
The Directory, compiled by Jason Bolton, lists all the key archaeological resources relating to the county. It brings the list of resources right up to date, but, it is also a wonderful publication in its own right. It is beautifully illustrated and presented.
It will be a much sought-after addition to personal and public collections, and it will direct people to relevant source material for years to come. Through the efforts of the Heritage Forum it is offered free of charge. It is important at this stage to recognise the importance of the work of the County Heritage Officer, Bridget Loughlin and the County Heritage Forum. The forum represents a broad range of interests, and I would like to thank wholeheartedly the individual members who give their time and energy in the service of the county.

The publication of the archaeological society’s journal on DVD brings the single most valuable resource relating to the county’s history into the twenty-first century. It will appeal to the journal’s old friends, and also to a whole new generation of researchers. The journal first appeared in 1891, and complete sets are very difficult to acquire.
The DVD will be a chance for people to enhance their collection and their knowledge at the click of a mouse. It will allow the user to search the complete run of the first 19 volumes which were published between 1891 and 2007.

I thank the Kildare Archaeological Society for its pivotal role in the promotion of the history, archaeology and heritage of County Kildare for almost 120 years. Their service to the county has been very considerable. They have helped to preserve the collective memory of Kildare, and in doing so they have made a valuable contribution to shaping its sense of identity. This is a particularly important in a county where a highly-mobile population has grown so quickly over the past fifteen years.
It has been a long road to tonight’s launch – work on the directory and the DVD began in 2007; but the wait has been worthwhile. It is intended to provide copies of both resources to the libraries and secondary schools within the county, to help a new young generation of Kildare men and women, for it is the children of today  who will preserve our past in their future.

Whether you have an interest in the history, archaeology and heritage of Kildare or are simply interested in the county in general; or dare I say it on the 17th of November, you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift, we urge you to pick up a copy of both of these unique resources. Their contents and subject matter are well worth treasuring. The archaeology and history of County Kildare are part of the essence of what is the ‘Short Grass’ and the ‘Lily-White.’
Our development as a county must always be a priority, and this development must be managed with care and wisdom. Information remains the key. The continued work of the local authorities, of energetic individuals, of local history groups, the archaeological society, working archaeologists and historians will continue to add to our knowledge and understanding.

The DVD and directory allow us access to a wealth of knowledge, but they are also produced in an effort to promote and encourage research and inquiry. The work is never done, it is ongoing. The archaeological society has already published the first part of Volume 20 of its journal, and no doubt in time this will make its way to DVD. I urge people to take part, to join the society or their local history group and to continue the work we see so expertly presented here tonight.
I would like to extend my personal thanks and the gratitude of the county council to all involved in bringing these projects to fruition. In particular, I want to thank Bridget Loughlin and Mario Corrigan for their work in making tonight possible.

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The Mayor then declared the two resources officially launched and the evening concluded with refreshments in the coffee dock.


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Should people experience any difficulties in loading the DVD then send me an email at localhistory@kildarecoco.ie - or go to step 3 of the instructions - Adding an Index. Invariably the software program ZySearch loads onto the PC but you have to manually add an index for the DVD to work properly

On the 17 November 2009 two key resources were launched by Mayor of Co. Kildare, Cllr. Colm Purcell, The County Kildare Archaeological Society's Journal (Vols. I-XIX) on DVD and a Directory of Archaeological Resources by Jason Bolton which had been commissioned by the Co. Heritage Forum. Photos are attached


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